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Flying Robot

With the robotic supplements of the quadcopter based robots Flyingscope™ and FlyingLAN™, land motioned vehicles get extra possibilities for the navigation, communication, and the accomplish- ment of special tasks.
Directly integrated into the exterior of a vehicle, favorable in the roof or the bonnet, the flying robots can be controlled from the in- side as well as outside by using the already available navigation system.

Flyingscope (Image by Simon Jardine)
Flyingscope (Image by Simon Jardine)

The Exterior Robots™ Flyingscope™ and the FlyingLAN™ are actually available for our

  • E-SUVs™ S!™ and X!™, as well as
  • HE™,
  • Can™,
  • Amarok-E™, and
  • ETE™.
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