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Skateboards are opening a world of their own. What makes them so fascinating is their simple concept and the motion that can be ex- perienced in the true sense of the word. For offering the maximal Pure Fun™ our skateboards are available as:

  • standard board,
  • longboard and
  • kick scooter with 4 wheels and a handbar.

    Electric Skateboard
    Our electric skateboards are powered by our Looped Fuel Cells™ in their pocket versions. With a Vmax of more than 60 km/h/37 MPH they are extremely fast and with a range of up to 100 kilometers/62 miles at a constant speed of 45 km/h/28 MPH they are the choice for cruising through the cities.


  • Motor peak: not specified
  • Maximum speed: 45+ km/h
  • Cruise distance: 30 to 60 km
  • Maximum grade: 25+ %
  • Loading weight: 130 kg/286 lbs
  • Riding modes: rookie, pro, eco, ride
  • Remote control: mobile device app or/and 2.4 Ghz wireless remote controller
  • Water and Dust protection: IP65

    The top versions of our skateboards have decks made out of Pure Carbon™ or Carbon Hemp™. Also, our AeroAccu fibre can be used for composites so that the range of the electric versions is even increased.
    A further concept consists of decks with an integrated Origami like mechanism so that several thin-film solar panels can be folded in and out.

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