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Rocket-Based Combined Cycle

Our Hypersoars, AeroSpacePlanes (ASP) and Hypersonic Jet Fight- ers, like our HJF-1™ Hyper Falcon™, can be equipped with a Rocket- Based Combined Cycle (RBCC) powertrain. As the accelerator for starting the air-breathing hypersonic ramjet engine a

  • rocket engine with bell nozzle (RBCC configuration)
    or an
  • aerospike engine (ABCC configuration)

    is applied instead of the Turbine-Based Combined Cycle (TBCC) that uses a Revolutionary Turbine Accelerator (RTA) or the proposed Vulcan accelerator, which integrates a production Jet Turbine (JT) with a Constant Volume Combustion (CVC) engine.
    Moreover, due to the very high speeds that are reached with our accelerator a Dual Mode Ramjet (DMRJ) combustor is not needed anymore, but instead only a pure scramjet engine.

    Combined Cycle Powertrain Advantages
    Compared with classic RBCC or TBCC approaches the advantages are that our RBCC/ABCC architecture:

  • is following a design philosophy that is based on a highly reduced overall system complexity, using off-the-shelf components (example given turbomachineries of business jet engines, if possible) and app- lying low-cost industry standard materials with efficient fabrication processing techniques (for example for the nozzles),
  • is also heightening by the design philosophy its safety and env- ironmental friendliness,
  • has no scaling problems,
  • can be fitted to the shape of the aircraft, example given as Linear Liquid ABCC (LLABCC) and Linear Hybrid ABCC (LHABCC),
  • has only few, normal and very well known reusability and life issues,
  • uses nearly no rotating parts, with the exception of the turbo- machineries of the rocket engines,
  • needs no cocooning concept, because the few rotating parts of the powertrain are not exposed to heat created by the drag on the surface and in the scramjet engine of the vehicle,
  • needs not to carry a weighty turbine-based accelerator,
  • applies a pure scramjet engine only,
  • doesn't need an integrated dual inlet for both the accelerator and the scramjet engine,
  • doesn't need an integrated dual nozzle/outlet for both the accel- erator and the scramjet engine with X-33 like positioned Linear Liquid or Linear Hybrid Aerospike (LLA or LHA) engines,
  • has no problems with hot shutdown and restart,
  • is throttleable in all modes,
  • no mode transitions of the accelerator as well as the jet engine,
  • can be powered by one propellant combination only, like the ker- osene-based bipropellants H2O2H2O/Jet-A and H2O2H2O/Jet-A1 for civilian aviation, or H2O2H2O/JP-5, H2O2H2O/JP-7 (Vulcan) and H2O2H2O/JP-8 for military application,
  • liquid propellants are environmental friendly (green propellants) and can be used in combination with H2O, and
  • has the highest performance of all actual hypersonic-oriented programs worldwide.
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