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HJF-1/Hyper Falcon

The Hypersonic Jet Fighter HJF-1™/Hyper Falcon™ has been design- ed for taking immediate and totally effective actions in theaters around the world with an unprecedented range and speed, and by using the full spectrum of modern fighter jet capabilities as well as the complete palette of high-progressive high-technologies. It is especially the combination of its incredible speed with the stealth feature that created a new class of fighter jets, because it simply makes the classical dogfight obsolete by accelerating combats by one order of magnitude, which means 10× faster, and in this way giving an opposite party absolutely no time for any kind of react- ions. Simple said: Our HJF-1/Hyper Falcon is much too strong, much too fast, and much too superior.

The HJF-1/Hyper Falcon is a combination and an integration of the most progressive and formerly only envisioned, but now constructed technologies:

  • SOS Hypersoar Catamaran™ architecture,
  • Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), United States Air Force (USAF) and Lockheed Martin
    Force Application and Launch from CONtinental United States (FALCON) Hypersonic Test/Technology Vehicle (HTV) HTV-3X,
  • Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), United States Air Force (USAF) and Lockheed Martin
    FALCON Hypersonic Cruise Vehicle (HCV), and
  • Leninets Plasma Hypersonic Vehicle (PHV) Ayaks.

    Hybrid Shape
    The integration of our hypersoar Catamaran™ and hybrid shape de- signs results in unprecedented

  • aerodynamic efficiency,
  • flight stability, and
  • drag reduction

    for a hypersonic vehicle in the atmosphere, while delivering the needed lift-off force and lowering drastically the angel of attack of the plane.

    Three different types of powertrains can be applied, which are the:

  • Rocket-Based Combined Cycle (RBCC),
  • Hypersonic Engine, and
  • Active Hypersonic™ Engine (Plasmajet™)

    All of our powertrains can be powered with our range of propellants and propellant transformation technologies.

    Our HJF-1 powertrain architectures solve all technological challenges that exist e.g. with the Vulcan program. With our Linear Liquid Aero- spike-Based Combined Cycle (LLABCC) and Linear Hybrid Aerospike- Based Combined Cycle (LHABCC), as well as our Hypersonic Engine and Active Hypersonic Engine the tough re- quirements are even exceeded.
    Or said with other words: Our HJF-1/Hyper Falcon is constructed to exactly fulfill the dreams by the air forces, even those they have not dreamed of.

    But to stop here is not enough, as it is known as one of the many signatures by Style of Speed. An additional mind-blowing push is given to the hypersonic jet by the Active (Plasma) Anti-Friction™ (AAF) generator, which creates plasmoids by the application of lasers and high-frequency radiation. In this way the AAF system drastically reduces the air resistance of the body surface and the scramjet engine inlet and outlet/nozzle, which as an incredible result has the true potential to double the Hyper Falcon's speed.

    Vertical Take-off and Landing
    By applying our special version of Active Aerodynamics in conjunct- ion with the other hightech features the HJF-1/Hyper Falcon can also be realized as a Vertical Take-off and Landing (VTOL) hyperjet.

    Our HJF-1/Hyper Falcon is also the alpha leader of a pack/swarm of Unmanned Combat Air Vehicles (UCAV). For this task, it is equipped with a computing system based on our superconductive processor Uncle Bob featuring a Neural Net Central Processing Unit (NNCPU™) with HyperCube™ geometry, and powered by our Hightech Operating System OntoLinux™.

    The Lightsaber™ sytem consists mainly of one or more high-power laser modules that are ingeniously integrated into the whole jet structure and its powertrain for maximal power and efficiency. In general, the laser modules should be mounted at two positions, that are at the

  • upper side for the self-defense and dogfights, if needed at all, and
  • lower side, for superior combat actions, like the destruction of:
    • surface vehicles (cars, trucks, tanks, parking airial vehicles, and ships, for example),
    • constructional objects (missile launching sites, buildings, pipelines, power lines, runways, etc.), and
    • flying objects (e.g. aircraftes and missiles).

    More Power - More Speed - More Victories
    Furthermore, we can also integrate more features to fly very much faster than Mach 30.


    SOS Worldwide 1. Hypersoar Catamaran and Worldwide 1. Axisymmetric Inward Turning Hypersoar Catamaran 2003
    SOS Hypersoar Catamaran 2003 DARPA USAF Lockheed Martin Hypersonic Test Vehicle (HTV) HTV-3X 2007 Hypersonic Jet Fighter (HJF) HJF-1 Hyper Falcon 2011
    SOS Hypersoar Catamaran 2003 DARPA USAF Lockheed Martin Hypersonic Test Vehicle (HTV) HTV-3X 2007 Hypersonic Jet Fighter (HJF) HJF-1 Hyper Falcon 2011


  • Design exterior: Style of Speed and Lockheed Martin
  • Design interior: Style of Speed
  • Engine:
  • Vmax RBCC:
    • Mach 8+ Rocket
    • Mach 28 Scramjet
  • Vmax Hypersonic:
    • Mach 28
  • Vmax Plasmajet:
    • Mach 36 in atmosphere at 64,000 m/210,000 ft
  • Active component™: OntoLinux™ and Active (Plasma) Anti-Frict- ion™ system
  • Active component™ option: Stealth, Swarming™ and Lightsaber™ systems
  • Energy recovery: MagnetoHydroDynamic generator
  • Energy recovery option: Regenerative Plasma Compressor
  • Performance option: Active Plasma Accelerator

    Further Informations
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