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  HJF-15FE/Fire Eagle
Based on the uncomparable maturity of the F-15SE/Silent Eagle by the manufacturer Boeing we created with our conversion of the HJF-15FE/Fire Eagle an outstanding powerful firebird.
  HJF-22SR/Super Raptor
Our conversion of the F-22/Raptor to the Hypersonic Jet Fighter HJF-22SR/Super Raptor is setting new benchmarks as the true Next Generation Tactical Aircraft (Next Gen TACAIR).
  HJF-1/Hyper Falcon
With its air-augmented and air-breathing engines for breathtaking, unrivalled top speeds the Hypersonic Jet Fighter HJF-1/Hyper Falcon demonstrates the superiority of SOS and its suppliers even In Style and has defined the Speed Stealth approach.
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