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The hybrid approach integrates the flying wing and lifting body con- cepts by smoothly blending both into one. Its application is not re- stricted to normal planes and airliners, like for example our Blended Wing Body aircrafts:

  • BWB-1/White Eagle and
  • HWB-1/Agile Eagle,

    but can also be applied to the construction of hypersonic jets, like our HCV-1/WhiteSwift, and aerospaceplanes, as we did the first time with our Space Shuttle NG X-3033/MagicStar.

    Very High Perfomances
    The hybrid shape gives unprecedented aerodynamic efficiency for air and aerospace vehicles. It reduces significantly the drag in the at- mosphere, while delivering the needed lift-off force, and lowering drastically the angel of attack of aircrafts and aerospaceplanes. In this way the consumption of propellant is reduced around 20% to 25% for aircrafts and around 30% to 35% for spaceplanes. Further- more, very high speeds are reachable.

    Hybrid Double Bubble
    One speciality of our research and design processes is our Hybrid Double Bubble (HDB) lifting body that is based on two standard fuselages.

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