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HWB-1/Agile Eagle

Our Hybrid Wing Body aircraft HWB-1/Agile Eagle is a further development that integrates the:

  • NASA Green Airliners, specifically the Boeing and Style of Speed BWB-1/White Eagle,
  • Air Force Research Laboratory and NASA Speed Agile Powered Lift System Concept Demonstrators, and
  • Style of Speed Odonata concept.

    Our Agile Green Next Generation Carrier (A GreeN Gen) series offers our customers aircraft models that have:

  • around twice as much passenger seats,
  • Short Takeoff and Landing (STOL) capability,
  • lower pollutant emission
  • lower noise emission,
  • higher propellant efficiency, and even
  • longer range

    in comparison to common regional jets in the beginning and latter much more fascinating properties.
    This enables the aircrafts to:

  • start and land from regional airports with short runways
  • serve short- to medium-haul more
    • cost effective and
    • environmental friendly,
    but also
  • double the capacity of international airports by
    • clearing the runways faster or
    • using one long runway for two airplanes at the same time.

    Definitely, this kind of airliners are the next revolution by us in the field of aeronautics and will become quickly the standard.


    NASA, Boeing, and Style of Speed→ Green Aircrafts inclusive BWB-1/White Eagle (Image by NASA)
    Speed Agile Powered Lift System Concept Demonstration Boeing VariantSpeed Agile Powered Lift System Concept Demonstration Lockheed Martin Variant
    Genx ∧ Rolls-Royce Pegasus ∧ LiftSystem ∧ Advent → Style of Speed Pegasus II Adaptive Versatile Affordable Advanced Highly Efficient Turbine Engine with Vectored Thrust Lift and Control Systems


  • Design exterior: Tupolev, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and NASA, and Style of Speed
  • Design interior: Style of Speed and partners
  • Engine: 2× or 4× Turbofan, Turbofanprop™, or Turbopropfan™
  • Seats maximal layout: 140 over 240 to 440
  • Seats 3 classes layout: 100 over 160 to 330

    Further Informations
    In respect to their purposes, we have designed three aircraft vers- ions that mainly differ in their sizes and flight ranges. In this way the smaller versions are compatible with all regional airports.

    Bus and train travel was yesterday.

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