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Active Hypersonic/Plasmajet Engine

Active Hypersonic Engines™ or Plasma Jet™ engines are a new type of internal hypersonic air-augmented and air-breathing engines that we have developed as a replacement of powertrains, like the ramjet and the scramjet, and Turbine-Based Combined Cycles (TBCCs) and Rocket-Based Combined Cycles (RBCCs).

Active Hypersonic Engines or Plasma Jets are derived from our Multi- mode Plasma Engines (MPEs) of our spaceships, like the X-3³/Drake and the XR-3/Lucky Dragon, that we are researching, designing, and developing since around the year 2005.
In detail, this technology constitutes the modes of the turbojet and the hypersonic plasma dual mode ramjet (includes scramjet) of our MPEs while in the atmosphere, before they turn into the mode of a magnetoplasma rocket in orbit, and after reaching the desired velo- city into the mode of an ion engine in space.

What makes our Plasma Jet engine technology so fascinating is that it uses no moving parts anymore, but simulates them with magnetic fields and electromagnetic rays. In this way Plasma Jet™ engines transforms air-breathing jet engines, like the

  • turbojet,
  • turbofan,
  • ramjet, and
  • scramjet,

    to the

  • Plasma Turbojet,
  • Plasma Turbofan,
  • Plasma Ramjet, and
  • Plasma Scramjet,

    and their components of the possibly modulated

  • inlet section,
  • fan,
  • turbine and turbine blade,
  • injector and ejector,
  • mixing duct,
  • combustor/combustion chamber, and
  • outlet section/nozzle,

    with the related components of the

  • lightturbine and laser blade, and
  • plasma turbine and plasma blade,

    by using the technologies of the:

  • MASER,
  • LASER,
  • circulating electromagnetic beam,
  • magnetized beamed plasma,
  • magnetohydrodynamic generator, compressor, and accelerator,
  • plasma accelerator, and
  • anti-friction based on plasmoids.


    Franklin Ramon Chang Diaz with NASA→Variable Specific Impulse Magnetoplasma Rocket (VASIMR) and Leik N. Myrabo with Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute→Microwave Lightcraft Ion Propulsion and Ionized Plasma Propulsion → Style of Speed Air-augmented and Air-breathing Magnetoplasma Rocket/Magnetoair-plasma Rocket, Air-augmented and Air-breathing Magnetoplasma Jet/Magnetoair-plasma Jet, and Multimode Plasma Engine (Original graphic by NASA)Leik N. Myrabo with Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute→Microwave Lightcraft Ion Propulsion and Ionized Plasma Propulsion → OntoLab and Style of Speed Plasma Jet

    The advantages of our Active Hypersonic Engines are manifold. The most important general advantages are that the engines are multimode engines that work:

  • in the atmosphere and
  • in space depending on the specific version
  • in the full range of
    • high-thrust with low-specific impulse over
    • low-thrust with high–specific impulse to even
    • high-thrust with high-specific impulse,

    which was not possible before.

    To give an example of the resulting performance our Plasma Tubofan has to be compared with a very high specific thrust/very high bypass ratio turbofan, which rotates in the range of up to 10^12 revolutions per minute.

    Due to the reason that in the case of beamed propulsion systems conceptually no propellant or only a small amount of it is needed a vehicle must have either

  • small tanks only or
  • no tanks at all,

    which leads not only in the case of vehicles powered by a beamed propulsion system, but also in the case of vehicles with a propulsion system based on air-augmented or air-breathing plasma rocket and plasma jet engines to desirable features like:

  • very small, compact engine,
  • unparalled power-to-weight ratio,
  • ultra lightweight construction,
  • highly efficient shape,
  • extremely fast acceleration,
  • unbelievable high maximal velocity,
  • unprecedent environmental friendlyness, and
  • unrivaled safe operation.

    But also transportation systems on earth, like our Raylev transport system and Raylev launch system, in orbit, and in space are made possible in ways that would not be the case with the utilization of other propulsion technologies.

    For sure, we apply our propulsion technologies of the Active Plasma Accelerator and Active Hypersonic Engine for our:

  • Raylev trains
  • hyperjets
    and our related aerospaceplane
    the Multimode Plasma Engine (MPE) used for our
  • spaceships
    as well as the interstellar ramjet engine of the Twin Ion Engine Royal (TIE R)/LightSwift.

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