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The Twin Ion Engine Royal (TIE R)/LightSwift is a spaceship concept for the suborbital, orbital, and interstellar locomotion. The LightSwift is the optimized flat-out version of our spaceship X-3³ concept with a special design for very high velocity with the goal to enable long distance travels. Unfortunately, by its Twin Ion Engine (TIE) this spacecraft reaches maximal velocity areas, which are hardly arguab- le in the next 20 years with contemporary researchers, engineers, and decision makers. In fact, the TIE R/LightSwift is the first real concept designed and developed to hit through the Lightwall™ with the goal to "go boldly ... where no man has gone before" (Zefram Cochrane).

First Gedankenexperiment
The first concept was to stick together the fuselage and the part of the spaceship, which consists of the engine and the side wings, by a torsion engine/ballista/crossbow-like mechanism to create the initial situation of the gedankenexperiment.
Assume that the starship is flying very close to light speed. Then the torsion engine mechanism is released and the fuselage shot out, so that the sum of the actual speed and the additional speed by the ballista-like mechanism is higher than the speed of light. Does the fuselage get away from the engine and the side wings? And does the fuselage fly faster than the speed of light? Somehow there is a con- tradiction! And yes: Somehow it will hit through the lightwall! Or do the critics say the energy by the ballista-like mechanism can not be set free? Maybe we come then to a point where we've to say that the other gedankenexperiments are wrong as well, which would give literally spacetime for new concepts.
This gedankenexperiment is related with the physical concept of the relativity of simultaneity and the ladder paradox.

Are you ready to warp?
To accomplish our attempt we have invented a huge program com- prising concepts, algorithms and materials with associated product- ion, integration and management processes, which all are totally be- yond the state of the arts. One example are nanotechnology-based and Overloaded Materials™, like Ontologic Multimodal Polyalloys™ with Radical Atom™ densities and Tricky Structures™ using for ex- ternal entities unknown methods.

OntoLinux gives you Speed
Deep in our Ontologic System®™ and Hightech Operating System™ (HOS) OntoLinux™, that is needed for the operation of our fascinat- ing LightSwift, the Algorithmic Information Theory can be found be- sides some other foundations. This opens some kind of a bridge, but we won't describe it. There is also no need to hypothesize about it by the usual persons.

Spaceship Construction
The whole spacevessel is composed out of simple geometric elem- ents like:

  • straight line,
  • circle and ellipse, and
  • parable.

In this way the geometry of the spaceship follows the geometric aspects of the physical laws, which is a general concept that is well know and for example applied by the construction of high perform- ance combustion engines. Accordingly, the shape of the fuselage is an elliptic paraboloid and the ion engine chambers are double circular paraboloidal.

Engine Construction and Workings
The construction begun with a Bussard/interstellar ramjet of the 2. generation with catalytic fusion cycle, e.g. Carbon-Nitrogen-Oxygen /CNO (catalytic) cycle, and laser-based ionization for the propellant collection and pulsed amplification inside the ion engine. We devel- oped further these already very amazing and fascinating kinds of engines by adding the principle of a black hole with its core and jet, and the technique of the artificial quantum singularity. For a better understanding the basic interstellar ramjet design was later extended by two spacecraft designs with antimatter initiated microfission and -fusion cycles, e.g. the Antiproton-Catalyzed Microfission/Fusion (ACMF), and the Antimatter-Initiated Microfusion (AIM) cycles, e.g. the Antiproton-Initiated Inertial Confinement Fusion (AIICF) cycle, and one spacecraft design with a beamed core drive. The next ex- tensions comprised the integrations of an extraction/collection, stor- age and transportation system for antiparticles, e.g. the concept by Bickford, that fits optimally together with the basic construction of an interstellar ramjet, of photonic propulsion concepts, for example the active resonant cavity technique of the Photonic Laser Propuls- ion (PLP) concept, and of our concept of the magnetooptic gamma ray shield and gamma ray heat exchanger.
Roughly explained, the Tricky Structure™ and Tricky Pattern™ of an ion engine is in strict conformity with the set theory, boolean alge- bra, and group theory, as well as the Kerr–Newman metric that gen- eralizes the Schwarzschild, Kerr, and Reissner–Nordström metrics, and the Minkowski space. In this way the geometric structure of an ion engine reflects the spacetime geometry and its chamber estab- lishes the basis for the functional principle of the engine that applies the technique of the artificial quantum singularity for creating an ultra fast-rotating and eventually charged black hole-like core (see also the Kerr-Newman (ring) singularity) with a related jet and sur- rounding wormhole-like subspace field. Because both ion engines are working as one unit by reflecting each other, we coined the whole engine Twin Ion Engine (TIE).
The two artificial kernel-less black hole singularities with their cores, jets and fields that the Twin Ion Engines produce are counter rotat- ing, one clockwise and one counter-clockwise, and can have as well opposed charges one positive and one negative, for keeping up the ontology and duality when hitting through the lightwall or spacetime- wall. Moreover, the jets create some kind of rails along the two axes of the Twin Ion Engine and related twin warp fields/subspace fields/ warped spacetimes around them with each having the figure of a double circular paraboloidal hourglass, which looks like the Minkowski space shown with future and past light cones for the time dimension and only two spacelike dimensions, with the artificially created black hole singularity core of an ion engine in the middle. At higher speed the starship's engines generate the subspace fields, so that their propulsive effect is improved and the starship moves in its self-cre- ated spacetime, which is comparable with a combination of what is known as a Kerr-Newman singularity, warp bubble, hyperspace, sub- space, wormhole, and transwarp conduit that is defined by the int- erferences of the subspace fields/warp fields/warped spacetimes around the jet rails and the standard spacetime surrounding the LightSwift.

The working principle was later proved by the two now confirmed Einstein space-time theories, "the hypothesized geodetic effect, the warping of space and time around a gravitational body, and frame-dragging, the amount a spinning object pulls space and time with it as it rotates. [...] Imagine a [gravitational body] as if it were im- mersed in honey. As the body rotates, the honey around it would swirl, and it's the same with space and time.", [NASA, 4th of May 2011]. Now replace the gravitational body with a very fast rotating kernel-less quantum singularity.
A further time the working principle and the first conceptual sketch of it were confirmed later by conducting the two-slit experiment in such a way, that both behaviours of photons were observed simul- taneously by the weak measurements of the photons' momentum in the average, or said in the words of the experimenters "Observing the average [path/]trajectories of single photons in a two-slit inter- ferometer". Before, this could be seen only either as a wave by the rippled diffraction pattern, or, if one of the two tiny holes is blocked, as a single beam, as if light were made of particles.

Engine Components
As a good comparison the warp drive of the Star Trek® Sovereign- class starship U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-E can be used:

  • conceptually, the engine in a warp nacelle is being telescoped into a short cylindric form,
  • on each side we have an ion engine, but no nacelle,
  • Bussard ramscoop/collector-like assembly with
    • electrostatic field generator/collector,
    • electromagnetic field generator/collector, and
    • integrated antimatter scoop/collector, which works together with the engine hull and the edge profiles as cosmic radiation collectors and cosmic radiation shields, and antimatter pod for storage,
  • ionizer,
  • drag-free electric grid as kinetic energy and momentum bypass,
  • matter-antimatter processor/reaction assembly (M/ARA),
  • field manipulation coils are not needed, because created warp field with warp vectoring is enough,
  • continuous cycle fractionator is already integrated in the Tricky Structure™ of the ion engine,
  • plasma injector,
  • dual drive plasma intercooler,
  • Regenerative Plasma Compressor™,
  • pre-stage flux tuner and conditioner as well as main flux tuner are not needed, because functionings are in the Tricky Pattern™ of the Twin Ion Engine,
  • magnifying mirror plasma collimator,
  • (pulsed) Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation (LASER) in ion engine,
  • (pulsed) electroMagnetic wave Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation (MASER) in ion engine,
  • instead of a set of 26 asymmetrical warp coils in both nacelles of the NCC-1701-E, each ion engine has a (symmetrical) circular ion engine chamber with a Tricky Structure™, which again has a Tricky Pattern™,
  • warp vectoring,
  • post-stage plasma conditioner assembly integrated in ion engine,
  • boundary restoration initiator assembly is not existent, because the warp field around the jet rails of the artificial black hole already have correct spacetime geometry by the special geometry of the artificial quantum singularity,
  • off axis field controller is not needed, because it is already in the artificial black hole jet rails,
  • space matrix restoration coils are not needed, because their function is already in the artificial black hole jet rails,
  • plasma buffer tankage is not needed by applying the Regenerative Plasma Compressor,
  • engine hull instead of the warp engine field grille that is
    • ion engine radiation field,
    • ion engine radiation shield,
    • cosmic radiation shield,
    • cosmic radiation collector,
    • functioning as polarized hull plating,
  • side wing/blade
    • has edge profile with two parabolic arcs as type 01, one turned inward and one turnded outward, while type 02's edge profile is turned outward only,
    • is cosmic radiation shield,
    • is cosmic radiation collector,
    • functions as outrigger/flight stabilizer,
    • is used as pre-stage subspace penetration collimator and subspace boundary manipulator,
    • is navigation light,
    • has integrated biosphere.


    SOS Twin Ion Engine Royal/LightSwift, Side wings Type 02, Engine Hull Type 02
    SOS Twin Ion Engine Royal/LightSwift, Side wings Type 03, Engine Hull Type 02
    SOS Twin Ion Engine Royal/LightSwift, Lumi Type A, Side wings Type 03, Engine Hull Type 02
    SOS Twin Ion Engine Royal/LightSwift, Lumi Type A, Side wings Type 01, Engine Hull Type 01
    SOS Twin Ion Engine Royal/LightSwift, Lumi Type B, Side wings Type 01, Engine Hull Type 02
    SOS Twin Ion Engine Royal/LightSwift, Lumi Type B, Side wings Type 01, Engine Hull Type 02
    SOS Twin Ion Engine Royal/LightSwift, Lumi Type B, Side wings Type 01, Engine Hull Type 02
    SOS Twin Ion Engine Royal/LightSwift, Lumi Type A, Side wings Type 01, Ion Engine Chamber with Black Hole Core and Jet Propagation
    SOS Twin Ion Engine Royal/LightSwift, Side wings Type 01, Engine Hull Type 02, Concept with Counter-Twisted Black Hole Jet Rails and Wave Phase Conjugation


  • Design exterior: Style of Speed
  • Design interior: Style of Speed
  • Drivetrain: Hyperlight™ Twin Ion Engine (TIE) system
  • Vmax (Impulse drive): 0.55 warp/0.166375 c
  • Vmax (Warp drive if poss.): 1.17 warp/1.601613 c

    Further Informations
    The development of our LightSwift is classified as a long term pro- ject, especially due to its radical design, the used technologies and materials, but also the performances. If you are convinced by such progressive developments, then you can contact us day and night to get further informations.

    This is not Star Trek®.
    This is not Star Wars®.
    This is Style of Speed©.

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