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The Raylev/Wavelev™ technology works like the magnetic levitation (short maglev) or the hovering on an air cushion, but applies neither a magnetic field nor compressed air for holding objects in the air, but rays, like for example mircowaves or laser beams, that are exactly directed at the object for the energy support, as well as ion drives, like e.g. plasma drives or an electrohydrodynamic thruster, or any other suitable concept for the levitation/hovering effect and the propulsion. This also includes the concept of the tractor beam, that for example works after the principle of the so-called optical tweez- er. For this several sources focus or/and the object itself focuses microwaves or laser beams in front and behind of the object, so that it is so to say clutched between the slipstream created at the front and the heat or electrostatic discharges created at the back, and in this way can be precisely tractored/moved. A similar variant of the tractor beam that applies multiple radiation sources is the concept of the Bessel beam and creates a large optical, or more specifically, electromagnetical wave on which the object continuously surfs. A further option on the side of the propulsion is the use of the beamed thermal propulsion techniques. The two main classes of applications are our Raylev transport systems, to which belongs the Transswift™ Raylev/Wavelev train, and our Raylev launch systems.

Raylev Hyperspeed System
The potential of our Raylev Hyperspeed System is totally unbeliev- able but true. Planets, their companions, as well as other non-stellar objects, like for example asteriods and future space colonies, can easily be connected in a way that's literally spoken out of the world, and to be able to reach them with this radical level of performance, speed, comfort, and safety is an incredible engineering achievement and belongs to the greatest achievements of mankind so far.

Raylev Launch Systems
Our Raylev launch systems are based on our Raylev/Wavelev tech- nology that uses different kinds of beamed energy systems and functions like the maglev technology. Indeed, these systems are revolutionary, because the energy storage of a spacecraft is sepa- rated from the vehicle, so that a much higher performance is achiev- able. In comparison with actual space launch systems this means e.g. a drastical increase of the payload by around 5 to 10 times. But such comparing considerations virtually have become obsolete, be- cause with our Raylev launch systems the cargo capacity depends only on the dimensions of the transport container. Furthermore, by the Raylev launch systems the safety of the launching process as a whole is increased, too, while the overall costs are reduced signif- icantly. In addition, they are combinable with our Raylev transport systems, so that Jules Verne's "From the Earth to the Moon" is no utopia anymore, but which is certainly made with our Raylev train Transswift™ and not in a cannon projectile.


OntoLab and Style of Speed Raylev


  • Design exterior: Style of Speed
  • Design interior: Style of Speed and partners
  • Engine: Beamed Energy Propulsion
  • Stage: 1
  • Vmax: Mach 32+ in atmosphere at 64,000 m/210,000 ft at least; the exact maximal velocity can't be specified actually
  • Vmax: Mach 1016.9+ (300 kilometers per second/1,080,000 km/h/ 671,080 MPH) in vacuum
  • Service ceiling: Solar system

    Further Informations
    The first tests could be started in around 5 years.

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