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The Raylev/Wavelev™ technology works like the magnetic levitation (short maglev) or the hovering on an air cushion, but applies neither a magnetic field nor compressed air for holding objects in the air, but rays, like for example mircowaves or laser beams, that are exactly directed at the object for the energy support, as well as ion drives, like e.g. plasma drives or an electrohydrodynamic thruster, or any other suitable concept for the levitation/hovering effect and the propulsion. This also includes the concept of the tractor beam, that for example works after the principle of the so-called optical tweez- er. For this several sources focus or/and the object itself focuses microwaves or laser beams in front and behind of the object, so that it is so to say clutched between the slipstream created at the front and the heat or electrostatic discharges created at the back, and in this way can be precisely tractored/moved. A similar variant of the tractor beam that applies multiple radiation sources is the concept of the Bessel beam and creates a large optical, or more specifically, electromagnetical wave on which the object continuously surfs. A further option on the side of the propulsion is the use of the beamed thermal propulsion techniques. The two main classes of applications are our Raylev transport systems, to which belongs the Transswift™ Raylev/Wavelev train, and our Raylev launch systems.

Raylev Hyperspeed System
The potential of our Raylev Hyperspeed System is absolutely unbe- lievable but true. The planet can easily be connected in a way it was never imagined possible, and to be able to reach the other side of the planet in the beginning in 3 hours and in the end in 45 minutes with this high level of performance, speed, comfort, and safety is an incredible engineering achievement and potentially one of the great- est achievements of mankind so far. For sure, it is a true innovation by our OntoLab and us from Style of Speed ready for construction and take off. Today. Now.

Raylev Transport Systems
The Raylev/Wavelev transport systems are hovertrain concepts that function exactly in the same way like a maglev transport system, but without guide rails/tracks/ways and by applying the Ray Levitat- ion™. In doing so elements of the transport concepts ship, train as well as air vehicle are combined advantageously, and the disadvant- ages of all three are overcome. By the combination with our Raylev launch systems the transport systems are even extended with the concept of space vehicles. The development began around ten years ago with hybrid airships, which were pulled by a cable. With the Raylev™ technology this cable operation could now be elimin- ated, so that tunnels, bridges, and other artificial, but also natural obstacles are not disturbing anymore the elegance of the concept. The features and advantages of a Raylev train include:

  • functions in the dark as well,
  • practically weather-independent,
  • top speeds in the two-digit Mach range achievable, so that each destination on the planet Earth can be reached in around 45 minutes,
  • most cost effective solution,
  • requires virtually no land,
  • no railway lines with rails, tunnels and bridges, or tubes needed,
  • no safety measures on the ground needed for clearing the railway and protecting persons, like fences as well as pede- strian subways and -bridges,
  • no congestions by flexible choice of flyways,
  • vehicles can be vertically arranged,
  • formation of flocks possible,
  • more flexible than ship, train, and aircraft, because without the requirement of special facilities, like a port, an airport, or a station, more destinations can be serviced,
  • compatibility to other transport systems given,
  • logistics of the new generation feasible, e.g. by levitating con- tainers,
  • extremely save transport and travel,
  • environment is not harmed by the focusing of the rays/waves,
  • radar control nearly not needed, as well as depending on the given situation and surrounding even totally replaceable by an automatic radar system,
  • risk of collisions virtually not given,
  • hijackings on board impossible,
  • comfortable like a cruise ship or in the commuter version like a van,
  • totally environmental friendly realization possible,
  • very low noise emission,
  • and much more.

Images Concept

OntoLab and Style of Speed Raylev Train
National Science Foundation (NSF)→Center for Applied Optics, U.S. Air Force (USAF)→Kirtland Air Force Base→Air Force Research Laboratoy (AFRL) Directed Energy Directorate, OntoLab and Style of Speed Raylev Concept

Raylev Trains
Conceptually, the propulsion systems do not need a propellant, but only energy in the forms of electric power or electromagnetic rays. Due to this, our Raylev trains do not need to carry propellant around with themselves and in this way they have no tanks with the ex- ception of an extremely small tank for an auxiliary power unit and an emergency system if existent at all. Both characteristics make them

  • ultra light,
  • extremely energy efficient,
  • uncomparable environmental friendly,
  • very fast and agile, and
  • incredibly safe,

    in comparison to an airliner for example. Indeed, the advantageous characteristics of a train have been brought together with the advantageous characteristics of an aircraft.

    We have developed two different series of Raylev trains with the:

  • Transswift and the
  • Plasma Eagle

    All Transswifts are basically Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) low noise emission airliners with an excellent environmental footprint. The main difference between the variants are their different propul- sion and lift systems, and fuselage and wing designs. Especially interesting is the Transswift III that features as its main propulsion and lift system our magnetoair-plasma jet engines, which have no moving parts anymore.

    A similar propulsion system and lift system based on magnetoair-plasma are also features of the Plasma Eagles, as the designation already says, like it is the case with their designs that are based on highly efficient hybrid/blended wing body designs with a very large load capacity. In this way the Plasma Eagle class unites all the ad- vantageous characteristics of the train, the aircraft, and the ship in one vehicle.

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