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Active Brake Cooling

By the Active Brake Cooling™ System rims and the wheel wells at the rear can be fully closed without getting into trouble by over- heating of the brakes. Furthermore, overheating is avoided in extreme situations by blowing additional cooling air on the rotors.

Integrated Functionalities
Within the scope of our Holistic Design™ approach the functionality of our Active Brake Cooling system can be combined with other Active Component solutions, which are:
1. our Active Exterior™ elements for actively closing and opening the intakes for the brake cooling air,
2. our Active Diffusor™ system, as well as
3. all of our other air fan based systems for motors, transmissions, differentials, accumulators, energy converters and/or other compon- ents.

Further Informations and Help
Our Active Brake Cooling™ system is applicable and deliverable for nearly all automobiles of all manufacturers and their marques.
Technological questions and more detailed informations are provided by getting directly in contact with us from Style of Speed. For requests concerned with large-batch production we can work out special solutions with our leading suppliers.

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