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Ape ESP 3.0

A little bit different in technology and style. Based on the Piaggio Ape Panel Van, we have developed with the Ape ESP an extraor- dinary concept vehicle: A vehicle that simply works like a "Leaf™ with Wheels™". That means: Our vehicle is not only CO2 neutral, like vehicles with biofuel powered engines, it also cleans the air like a tree. For the generation of the electric power different technologies can be applied, like for example solar panels or our HyperStirling™ Solar Energy Generation. Moreover, by using our worldwide unique Multi-Ray Collector™ and Multi-Wave Collector™ technologies it also works day and night. And to top it further, this even functions more efficiently than with any other solution.
What a revolution by the Real #1™!!!™ It's unbelievable™, but true.

How it works
Our artificial photosynthesis works as follows:
0. Use different kinds of rays (eg. sunlight and infrared "thermal" light/heat) with the unfoldable Multi-Ray Panels™ of the Ape ESP to produce energy for the following steps.
1.1. Capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
1.2. Recycle carbon dioxide by a new form of electrochemical sepa- ration, an electrolytic stripping process, and extract carbon with the byproduct hydrogen.
2.1. Capture water by collecting rainwater (collect modus), pumping water (autonomous) out of a source (drink modus), or taking water given by its user (external water modus).
2.2. After that, electrolyze out of the water also hydrogen.
3. Use the gained carbon and hydrogen by the steps 1. and 2. to synthesize fuel, e.g. methanol.
4. Either use directly the gained hydrogen or use later the synthetic fuel in a fuel cell or in a turbine to produce electric power.
5. This produced power together with the still power producing Multi-Ray Panels™ can then be used for cooling parts, moving with the vehicle, as well as storing the fuel and generated energy, or just only cleaning the air from carbon dioxide.

Tricky? Yes indeed, a real astonishing and breakthrough worldwide unique innovation by the Christian Stroetmann GmbH and its subsi- diaries Ontonics™, OntoLab™, and Style of Speed™ with which we have written not only a second time automobile history.

Our systems are working either purely electric™ or thermoelectric. A further version would be a purely thermal concept, but its efficiency is far too low with its ability to convert only 19% of the collected solar energy into some kind of fuel, which is far less than a half of our systems efficiencies. Also, the performance of such a thermal system depends mainly on the mass of the catalysing materials, like example given the metal oxide ceria, instead of the applied amount of electric power as with our systems. Furthermore, to build up a whole system there is a need for additional technical parts that are already integrated in our systems by using electric power instead of heat only.


Piaggio Ape TM Panel Van → SOS Ape ESP Ray Panel Van


  • Design exterior: Piaggio with conversion by Style of Speed
  • Design interior: Piaggio with overwork and customizing options by Style of Speed
  • Drivetrain: Leaf™ Artificial Photosynthesis with optional Artificial Phototaxis
  • Power: Not specified
  • Weight: Not specified
  • Wheelbase: 1590 mm (Ape 50) or 1460 mm (Ape TM)
  • Length: 2500 mm (Ape 50) or 3.210 mm (Ape TM)
  • Width: 1260 mm (Ape 50) or 1480 mm (Ape TM)

    Further Informations
    The first time we spoke about our technological concept was around the year 1997. The first official informations about our technology were given, when we showed an image with a small model of a vehicle that in fact was a plant on 4 wheels on the 21st of January 2008, that we once again showed on the 17th of February 2008. Some months later this webpage of our model Ape ESP was publish- ed the first time on the 23rd of June 2008. In 2010, essential parts of this concept were copied by the joint venture of the manufact- urers General Motors (GM) and Shanghai Automotive Industry Cor- poration (SAIC) from this webpage and presented as their concept in the form of a "Leaf™ with/on Wheels™" at the world exposition Expo 2010 Shanghai China, while the manufacturer Nissan has taken the label Leaf™ for one of its models and also broadcasted a related marketing story in which it claimed to build sometimes an automobile that even cleans the air.

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