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Lighter Than Air Walker

Together with Roboticle™ we from Style of Speed™ develop walking machines that integrate the technology of lighter than air vehicles.
Inspirations for this concept were given by lighter than air vehicles and pogo sticks, by the locomotion of animals and robots, but also by the artist Dali and the movie Wild Wild West.
Three aspects were important for us while developing the concept:
1. By using lighter than air vehicle technology it is possible for the walking machines to make larger steps and hop/jump over longer distances.
2. The solution makes the locomotion more controlable and by this more saver in comparison to lighter than air vehicles without some kind of legs.
3. It's funny.

The Lighter Than Air Walkers have also some more advantages, like:
1. There is no need for roads, rails, airports, or other infrastructure. 2. Special versions can walk over water.
3. It can be used in situations, in which other vehicles aren't applicable.


Lighter Than Air Walker
Lighter Than Air Walker


  • Design exterior: Style of Speed
  • Design interior: Style of Speed
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