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Together with Roboticle™, IRAIMENT™, Softbionics™, and Onto- Linux™ we from Style of Speed™ develop walking machines. The re- sults like the shown walker concept pushes the technological enve- lope of automotive and aerospace design by proposing for example 6+2 legged vehicles controlled directly from the driver's brain. The development involves proposing scenarios where very little road infrastructure exists, wheeled vehicles are not applicable or highly disadvantageous, and the need is for highly manoeuvrable search and rescue vehicles. The main propulsion uses synthetic muscles made out of NanoFibre™, while the occupants could be suspended in harnesses from the cabin roof to absorb the massive undulations of rough terrains.
But also even more specialized versions with arms equipped by tools to push, lift, or work on objects are of great interest.


Jonathan Shakespeare Walker Scorpion


  • Design exterior: Jonathan Shakespeare with overwork by Style of Speed
  • Design interior/cockpit: Jonathan Shakespeare and Style of Speed
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