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Flight :) (Flight Fun)

The Pavee™ Flight :)™, pronounced Flight Fun, is a new kind of Ultralight Personal Air Vehicle (UPAV) and known by insiders as Little Dragonfly.

Unique UPAV features
Like the faster Sky :)™ and the larger Sky :D™, the Flight :) has the same revolutionary unique features, that are based on already certified parts and fulfill easily all requirements of our UPAV definit- ion:

  • Highly reliable, because it is based on the fully matured technolog- ies of Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) Unmanned Air Vehicles (VUAV), that are developed with and deployed by the armed forces;
  • Alternative versions with
    • tilt-ducted fan,
    • contra-rotating rotors,
    • Exofan™, or/and
    • Air Mutlitplier™ technology
    at each shaft or engine nacelle;
  • Safe on the land, because it has an optional Flower™, and Quick Start™ and Quick Stop™ systems for the rotors, that avoid accidents by getting in contact with the rotating rotors while at the ground;
  • Safe in the air by its SuperArchitecture, which consists of an Elec- tronic Torque Vectoring™ and Stability Control System;
  • Safe in the air, because it applys the revolutionary Multimode™ Intelligent Control System powered by OntoLinux™ and Ontoscope™, that lets the air vehicle be controlled by the passenger (Personal Aerial Vehicle (PAV)/Life-flight mode), remote from the ground and autonomous (Unpiloted Aerial Vehicle (UpAV)/Unmanned Aerial Vehic- le (UAV) and Robotic Aerial Vehicle (RAV) modes);
  • Safe in the air by its OntoLinux™ and Ontoscope™ powered cock- pit and the synthetic vision system for near all-weather capability and nightflight;
  • Safe in the case of emergency by its special flight mode, that is a combination of autogyro and normal plane flight and landing on a runway without engines, fail-safe system, which is based on the Pure Electric™ part of the powerplant, and integrated rescue para- chute system;
  • Highly fuel efficient full-hybrid powerplant system with Electric Torque Vectoring™ consisting of the world's most efficient recipro- cating engine, the Tricharger™ engine, extremely lightweight Super- Accumulators™, Active Engines™ and optional Active Rotors™;
  • Able to use nearly all kinds of alternative fuels, like diesel, biodie- sel, bioethanol and biogas, as well as synthetic and classic fuels;
  • Alternative versions with turbine, Exoturbine, fuel-cell, or Looped Fuel Cell™ Electric as power generator;
  • Alternative Purely Electric™ version without on-board power ge- nerator;
  • Alternative beamed energy system version or integration;
  • Integration with a Brake Energy Recovery System is even possible;
  • Fast with a cruising speed of up to 100+ MPH/160+ km/h/86+ kt;
  • Fast with a top speed of up to 123+ MPH/198+ km/h/106+ kt;
  • High service ceiling, because the Purely Electric™ part of the powerplant isn't air-breathing;
  • Very silent;
  • "Door-to-door" travel capabilities;
  • 1 to 2 seats;
  • Two-seat cabin with in-line or side-by-side configuration;
  • Optional in-wheel electric motor;
  • On-board computer powered by our Hightech Operating System™ OntoLinux™ as the basic platform for MultiMode™ vehicle control and infotainment systems, like:
    • Car-X Window System™ and Plane-Window System™ Graphic User Interface (GUI),
    • Glassy™ cockpit technology,
    • Hyper Connectivity™ comprising
      • World Wide Web access,
      • Car in the Cloud™ and Plane in the Cloud™ computing services based on our Castle in the Cloud™ system

        with the applications

      • MapCloud™ based on a positioning/navigation system, and one or more online street maps,
      • AutoMapCloud™ based on MapCloud™ and the Active Cam™ technology, and
      • MediaStreaming, e.g. iCloud;
  • optional Active Interior™ components;
  • Affordable;
  • Fits into a normal garage by its compact storage configuration.

    SOS Flight :) (Flight Fun) (Ultralight prototyp with classic powerplant) Fuselage, Cockpit and more
    SOS Flight :) (Flight Fun) (Ultralight prototyp with classic powerplant) (Image by Adrian Pingstone) Fuselage, Cockpit and more

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