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Sky :) (Sky Fun) - The Original

The Pavee™ Sky :)™, in words Sky Fun™, by us from Style of Speed™ is a new kind of Personal Aerial/Air Vehicle (PAV), that is a real fun to fly. With its special features it takes-off, hovers, and most fascinating, decelerates its speed/brakes in flight like a helicopter, the latter even better, and flies horizontally like a plane. By being faster than any rotorcraft and more agile than other aircrafts makes the Sky :) a true dragonfly.
And we also brought the Belly Tank back where it belongs: Into the air.

First-ever records
As the world's first Style of Speed is with its Sky :)™ again writing aviation history Super Innovative™ and worldwide unique, general concept to integrate the functionality of autogyros with the already integrated functionalities of rotorcrafts and planes gives before not known possiblities and advantages.
Moreover, it has as the world's aircraft

  • full-hybrid,
  • beamed energy system (e.g. Raylev™), and our
  • Looped Fuel Cell™ Electric powerplant

    version, as the world's first tiltrotor aircraft a

  • Pure Electric™ and
  • fuel cell electric powerplant

    version, and belongs by this to the first air vehicles of these types in general.
    Also, as the world's first real PAV, Style of Speed is with its Sky :)™ a further time writing aviation history and leading the way, this time to the "highway in the sky™".
    But here our story of success does not end. The Sky :)™ is also re- presenting a Super Revolutionary Innovation™™ as the worldwide first air vehicle with an

  • Electric Torque Vectoring™ System and
  • Stability Control System,

    and by this is in general one of the world's first vehicles with this kind of technology as well. And the possibility of our SuperArchitecture to integrate as well a Brake Energy Recovery System simply hits the bottom out of the barrel and takes the biscuit.

    Unique PAV features
    What makes our Sky :) this true revolution are its unique features, that are based on already certified parts and fulfill easily all require- ments of the PAV definition by the NASA (with the one exception of the numbers of seats by the single-seater version):

  • Highly reliable, because the "Little Osprey" is based on the fully matured technologies of Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) Un- manned Air Vehicles (VUAV), that are developed with and deployed by the U.S. armed forces;
  • Alternative versions with
    • tilt-ducted fan,
    • contra-rotating rotors,
    • Exofan™, or/and
    • Air Mutlitplier™ technology
    at each shaft or engine nacelle;
  • Safe on the land, because it has an optional Flower™, and Quick Start™ and Quick Stop™ systems for the rotors, that avoid accidents by getting in contact with the rotating rotors while at the ground;
  • Safe in the air by its SuperArchitecture, which consists of an Elec- tronic Torque Vectoring™ and Stability Control System;
  • Safe in the air, because it applys the revolutionary Multimode™ Intelligent Control System powered by OntoLinux™ and Ontoscope™, that lets the air vehicle be controlled by the passenger (Personal Aerial Vehicle (PAV)/Life-flight mode), remote from the ground and autonomous (Unpiloted Aerial Vehicle (UpAV)/Unmanned Aerial Vehic- le (UAV) and Robotic Aerial Vehicle (RAV) modes);
  • Safe in the air by its OntoLinux™ and Ontoscope™ powered glass cockpit with touch and gesture sensitive displays for dashboard and yoke, and the synthetic vision system for near all-weather capability (also used for example in the B!™ and 9ii™) and nightflight;
  • Safe in the case of emergency by its special flight mode, that is a combination of autogyro and normal plane flight and landing on a runway without engines, fail-safe system, which is based on the Pure Electric™ part of the powerplant, and integrated rescue para- chute system;
  • Highly fuel efficient full-hybrid powerplant system with Electric Torque Vectoring™ consisting of the world's most efficient recipro- cating engine, the Tricharger™ engine, extremely lightweight Super- Accumulators™, Active Engines™ and optional Active Rotors™;
  • Able to use nearly all kinds of alternative fuels, like diesel, biodie- sel, bioethanol and biogas, as well as synthetic and classic fuels;
  • Alternative versions with turbine, fuel-cell, or Looped Fuel Cell™ Electric as power generator;
  • Alternative Pure Electric™ version without on-board power gener- ator;
  • Alternative beamed energy system version or integration;
  • Integration with a Brake Energy Recovery System is even possible;
  • Very fast with a cruising speed of up to 300+ MPH/482+ km/h/ 260+ kt;
  • Very fast with a maximum speed of up to 345+ MPH/555+ km/h/ 300+ kt;
  • Very high service ceiling of more than 33,333 ft/10,159 m, be- cause the Purely Electric™ part of the powerplant isn't air-breath- ing;
  • Quiet, or as it is said, extremely silent;
  • "Door-to-door" travel capabilities;
  • 1 to 2 seats (NASA PAV definition demands seats for 2 to 6 pas- sengers);
  • Two-seat cabin with in-line or side-by-side configuration;
  • Optional in-wheel electric motor;
  • On-board computer powered by our Hightech Operating System™ OntoLinux™ as the basic platform for MultiMode™ vehicle control and infotainment systems, like:
    • Car-X Window System™ and Plane-Window System™ Graphic User Interface (GUI),
    • Glassy™ cockpit technology,
    • Hyper Connectivity™ comprising
      • World Wide Web access,
      • Car in the Cloud™ and Plane in the Cloud™ computing services based on our Castle in the Cloud™ system

        with the applications

      • MapCloud™ based on a positioning/navigation system, and one or more online street maps,
      • AutoMapCloud™ based on MapCloud™ and the Active Cam™ technology, and
      • MediaStreaming, e.g. iCloud;
  • optional Active Interior™ components;
  • Affordable;
  • Fits into a normal double garage;
  • Alternative compact storage version existent.


    Bell Advanced Tilt Rotor (BAT) ∧ SOS → SOS Sky :) (Sky Fun) Sketch
    Bell Advanced Tilt Rotor (BAT) ∧ SOS → SOS Sky :) (Sky Fun) Sketch
    SOS Sky :) (Sky Fun) (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) version without windscreen) (Image by U.S. Coast Guard)
    SOS Sky :) (Sky Fun) Belly Tank Fuselage, Cockpit and more (Image by General Motors and SO-CAL Speed Shop)
    SOS Sky :) (Sky Fun) Belly Tank Carbon fiber Fuselage, Cockpit and more (Image by Volkswagen)
    SOS Sky :) (Sky Fun) Carbon fiber Fuselage, Cockpit and more
    SOS Sky :) (Sky Fun) Glass Cockpit with Augmented Reality, Touch and Gesture sensitive Displays for Dashboard and Yoke Design Rendering (Image by Maserati, Motorola and Pininfarina)


  • Concept: Bell and Style of Speed
  • Design Exterior: Bell with overwork by Style of Speed
  • Design Interior: Basic design by Maserati, Motorola and Pininfarina with overwork by Style of Speed
  • Powertrain: Pure Electric™ or Looped Fuel Cell™ Electric with ma- ny options like Quick Start™ and Quick Stop™ system, energy re- generation system, Quickcharger™ technology, iarm™ reenergizing system compatibility, irail™ and ipad™ wireless charging system, and hybrid or/and beamed energy system extension
  • Hybrid Extension: Classic combustion engine with Modular Forced Induction™, classic turbine, or HyperTurbine™ based micro quasi- turbine
  • Beamed Energy Extension: Raylev™/Wavelev
  • Steering: Classic mechanical, drive-by-wire or drive-by-light, fly-by-wire or fly-by-light, or combinations
  • Option: In-wheel electric motor
  • Seats: 1(+1 optional) or 1/1™

    Sky Fun is fascinating, isn't it?

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    Christian Stroetmann GmbH