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The F7X is our overworked Enzo successor. Besides the incredible design, the automobile is available with two different drivetrains that are the:

  • V8 engine of the model 458 Italia and
  • V12 engine hybrid of the Enzo successor
with Brake Energy Recovery System (BERS).


Painting → SOS F7X or Neo
Rendering → SOS F7X or Neo
Ferrari → SOS F7X HeadlightFerrari → SOS F7X HeadlightFerrari → SOS F7X Headlight
Ferrari→La Ferrari Monocoque (Image by Ferrari)
Ferrari→La Ferrari Drivetrain V12 with BERS (Image by Ferrari)


  • Design exterior: Foundational design by Victor Uribe Chacon, Style of Speed, and Ferrari, and final design by Style of Speed
  • Design interior: Foundational design by Ferrari and final design by Style of Speed

    Further Informations
    The F7X is also available as our New Energy HyperCar (NEHC) model Neo based on our own architecture and technological platforms.

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