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3³ :) (Triple 3 Fun) and Hawk 333

The Personal Aerial Vehicle 3³ :) (Triple 3 Fun) and its transporter version Hawk 333™ are small, lightweight and extremely agile flying vehicles, that can be flown piloted, remotely controlled or autono- mously by applying our Multimode™ Intelligent Control System pow- ered by OntoLinux™ and Ontoscope™ besides all the many other highly innovative technologies of our Powered Lift Aircrafts and MultiMode™ Vehicles (MMVs). Further characteristics of our 3³ :) and Hawk 333 are their:

  • lifting body fuselage, and
  • propulsion system configuration that is composed of
    • two tilt-ducted fans with standard or contra-rotating rotors at the front, and
    • one ducted fan with contra-rotating rotors at the rear, or
    • two exofans with standard or contra-rotating rotors at the front, and
    • one exofan with contra-rotating rotors at the rear, or
    • Air Multiplier™ fans as an alternative.


    SOS 3^3 :)


  • Concept: Sadly unknown person and Style of Speed
  • Design Exterior: Sadly unknown person with overwork by Style of Speed
  • Design Interior: Style of Speed
  • Powertrain: Pure Electric™ or Looped Fuel Cell™ Electric with ma- ny options like Quick Start™ and Quick Stop™ system, energy re- generation system, Quickcharger™ technology, iarm™ reenergizing system compatibility, irail™ and ipad™ wireless charging system, and hybrid or/and beamed energy system extension
  • Hybrid Extension: Classic combustion engine with Modular Forced Induction™, classic turbine, or HyperTurbine™ based micro quasi- turbine
  • Beamed Energy Extension: Raylev™/Wavelev
  • Steering: Classic mechanical, drive-by-wire or drive-by-light, fly-by-wire or fly-by-light, or combinations
  • Option: In-wheel electric motor
  • Seats: 1(+1 optional) or 1/1™

    Further Informations
    Shown with the images are design sketches of a concept that was not done, but is already redesigned by Style of Speed.

    Semper Paratus == Always Ready [U.S. Coast Guard]

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