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System Automobile™
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The concept of the System Automobile is another original and unique invention that we from Style of Speed have researched, designed and developed over many years together with the OntoLab and other business divisions, like e.g. Roboticle and Softbionics, as the next generation of our Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) ETE.
The results are our

  • hardware and software platform called Integrated Wheeled Intelligence™ (IWI™), that is also known as PC on/with Wheels, Smartphone on/with Wheels, iCar, or iAuto, and
  • application and service platform, that is integrated with our Ontologic Net (ON), Ontologic Web (OW), and Ontologic uniVerse (OV) in an all-encompassing overall system.

    There is one more car ...
    The IWI is a basic smartcar platform, or described more precisely, a:

  • standardized,
  • modular,
  • electric,
  • digital,
  • robotic,
  • mobile

    System Automobile platform.

    The IWI is based on our technologies of the:

  • Chassis Module System™,
  • Active Components™,
  • Computing and Multimedia, and
  • Robotics, as well as
  • Iri platform of intelliTablet™ in relation to the large endoskeleton and the small endoskeleton with their accompanying components and the computing and multimedia components.

    The basic blocks could be made of fiber-reinforced composites, bas- ed on carbon for example, while the screws, nuts, and other inserts could be made of a high-strength metal, based on titanium for ex- ample. Doubtlessly, these basic elements can be 3D printed and 3D sintered as well.
    The final interior and exterior components must not have the knobs, for sure. Quite contrary, there are many options for customization and individualization even on demand, for sure by 3D printing.

    The System Automobile platform is:

  • simple and
  • multifunctional,

    providing a base for

  • customization,
  • integration,
  • interaction,
  • connection, and
  • service orientation,

    Due to its modular concept, the hardware and software platform provides different

  • vehicle wheelbases and tracks,
  • suspension and drivetrain technologies,
  • exteriors,
  • interiors, and
  • intelligent functions.

    specifically a platform for

  • any vehicle, that is
    • completed with a bodywork,
    • homologated as any type of multi-wheeled vehicle, and
    • manufactured
      • in series and
      • even just in time on demand by the end customer

    as well as

  • any application and service, including for example
    • Car as a Service (CaaS) and
    • Mobilitiy as a Service (MaaS).

    In relation to the chosen configuration, the IWI can be used as a base for many possible types of bodywork, for persons and goods transport. A platform that reduces the time to market and costs for the production of vehicles.

    The IWI is including:

  • structural chassis modules called large endoskeletons (simply called endos), including
    • front section,
    • main section,
    • rear section, and
    • sub-modules, as well as
    • connection respectively attachement system to mechanically lock the body to the chassis and electrically couple the control systems of the body with the related components of the chassis, based on mechanical, electro-permanent magnetical, and electrical quick releases,
  • suspension, brakes, and steering modules, and wheels,
  • drivetrain modules
    • motor,
    • inverter-controller,
    • accessories,
    • integrated electric drive module complete with Active Motor, inverter, oil pump, and Active Differential #1 with gear reduction housed in a chassis,
  • electric power source
    • common power generator,
    • batteriy pack,
    • fuel cell, and
    • BMS modules,
  • interface elements for the vehicle bodywork implementation,
  • functional modules called small endoskeletons.

    The smartcar platform itself consists of:

  • large endo(skeleton) as basic chassis (extension) module with
    • integrated bus for electric power and data transfer, and Radio Frequency (RF) connectivity, and
    • intelligent coldswap and hotswap connection systems with wake/detect pins, so that arbitrary modules can be mounted, added and replaced on the exterior easily,
  • functional modules comprising


  • structural and ornamental skins respectively coachwork or bodywork modules with
    • exterior components and
    • interior components.

    The lifecycle of an system automobile follows several consecutive basic steps:
    1. Decide how to realize the automobile

     1.1 Do It Yourself (DIY)
     1.2 Use Services (USs).

    2. Get configurator from Style of Speed website including exterior and interior library

    3. Configure your custom automobile
    4. View chosen model
    5. Get your own iCar/iAuto

     5.1 Buy online and get it delivered to you
     5.2 Go to Style of Speed center and pick it up

    6. Download any type of connectivity package including applications and online services from Style of Speed store
    7. Register automobile and get insurance
    8. Repair, upgrade, expand, or/and adapt to new technologies

     8.1 Buy elements and functions online and do it yourself
     8.2 Go to Style of Speed center and let it done by services

    9. Recycle
    10. Go back to the start

    Customer's choice
    In the process of the lifecycle the customer is free to complete the vehicle by choosing the:

  • large endoskeleton/chassis,
  • exterior
    • bodywork upper structure,
    • skins, and
    • panels,
  • interior
    • structure,
    • skins,
    • panels, and
    • accessories,
  • generic, electric equipment
    • lighting,
    • dashboard, and
    • electric accessories,
  • digital features, and
  • assistance and autonomous functions.

    Ecosystem included
    In addition, we developed the foundational ecosystem with many fascinating:

  • production methods,
  • marketplaces,
  • products, and
  • services

    around the IWI platform, that will be revealed in accordance to our project timeline.

    Further Informations and Support
    Large parts of the basic technologies are not compatible with other projects related with modular (mobile) devices and the basic concepts and technologies are copyrighted, but can be licensed by an interested party.

    Choosing the IWI as a vehicle base, the vehicle road homologation is substantially facilitated. Besides the platform (as manufactured product or as project rights), Style of Speed is offering its assistance for the integrated body design, vehicle prototyping and homologation.

    If you have further questions please get in contact with us from Style of Speed directly.

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