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Cup!™ R

The Cup!™ R is our up! R with a Purely Electric, Looped Fuel Cell™ Electric or hybrid :Drivetrain™.


Volkswagen up! → SOS Cup! R
Volkswagen up! → SOS Cup! R


  • Design exterior: Volkswagen with conversion by an unknown person as up! GTI and by Style of Speed as Cup! R
  • Design interior: Style of Speed
  • Drivetrain: Looped Fuel Cell with Pure Electric™ components, and Energy Regeneration System and Quickcharger™ technology with optional irail™ wireless charging system plus optional hybrid extens- ion
  • Hybrid Extension: Volkswagen TSI® engine with turbocharger, Roots-Compressor and Stroetmann-Compressor, or HyperTurbine™ based micro quasiturbine
  • Power: not specified
  • Weight: not specified
  • Wheelbase: not specified
  • Length: not specified
  • Width: not specified
  • Seats: 2
  • Active component™: OntoLinux™, Active Motor™, Active Differ- ential™ and Active Clang
  • Active component™ options: Active Interior™, Active City Assist™ and Swarming™
  • Supplement options: Steering Wheels, and T@blet™, P@d™ and Sm@rtphone Mounting

    By us everybody gets the Cup!

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