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Just 4 :) (Just For Fun)

The Just 4 :)™, pronounced Just Four Fun™ or Just For Fun™, by Style of Speed™ is the right choice for every Speedgeek™ who has a smaller budget and wants to maximize the driving fun without mak- ing any compromises.
What the SOS Just 4 :) makes unique are its electric Active Motors, its racecar suspension with push rods and horizontally mounted coil- over damper units, and its combination of a novel very lightweight power transmission in conjunction with a high-tech state-of-the-art torque vectoring Active Differential™ for dynamic track control. Fur- thermore, it features as a standard customer option racecar interior components, like our steering wheels taken from Formula 1 and Le Mans racecars.


Just 4 :) Sketch
Just 4 :) Rendering
Just 4 :) Rendering
Alex Earle Volkswagen GX-3 → Just 4 :) Materials
Alex Earle Volkswagen GX-3 → Just 4 :) Interior


  • Design exterior: At the moment sadly unknow
  • Design interior: Images show interior design by Alex Earle sponsored by Volkswagen
  • Drivetrain: Optionally liquid cooled Pure Electric™ or Looped Fuel Cell™ Electric with Energy Regeneration System and Quickcharger™ technology with optional irail™ wireless charging system
  • Power: Starting at 74 kW/99 bhp/100 PS over 184 kW/247 bhp/ 250 PS to 368 kW/493 bhp/500 PS
  • Weight: 450 kg over 600 kg to more depending on chosen version and power pack
  • Wheelbase: 2400 mm
  • Track front: 1700 mm
  • Track rear: Not specified
  • Length: 3500 mm
  • Width: 1920 mm
  • Seats: 1 or 1\1™
  • Active component™: OntoL4™, Active Motor™ and Active Differ- ential
  • Active component™ options: Active Fuel Cell™, Active Suspens- ion, Active Trac™ and Active Diffusor
  • Performance component: Push rod Suspension, Bucket Seats and Steering Wheel
  • Performance options: Pure Carbon™ Rims

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