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We by Style of Speed transformed the U.S.American icon Chevrolet Camaro into the 21. century by giving it a Pure Electric™ :Drive- train™, an AutoBrain™, and Active Components™.

Ontobot inside
The BumbleBeeE™ has all what is needed to be a real transformer:

  • A brain for the intelligent central management and engineering system, composed out of a car computer powered by OntoLinux™ with OntoBot™ and the AutoSemantic::Car™ Artificial Intelligence package.
  • A full fledged user interface with high class natural language processor and touch screen or optional a Holo Dashboard™.
  • The full suite of Active Components™ in the maximum configu- ration and Electric Gullwing™ doors.

    Camaro-E BumbleBeeE
    Camaro-E BumbleBeeE

  • Design exterior: Fundamental design by General Motors with total overwork by Style of Speed
  • Design interior: General Motors with overwork by Style of Speed
  • Drivetrain: Optionally liquid cooled and superconductive Pure Electric™ with Energy Regeneration System and Quickcharger™ technology with optional irail™ wireless charging system
  • Power: Starting at 250 PS
  • Weight: depending on chosen power pack
  • Wheelbase: 2852 mm
  • Length: 4836 mm
  • Width: 1917 mm
  • Seats: 2+2
  • Active component™: OntoLinux™, Active Motor™, Active Differen- tial™, Active Suspension, Active Trac™, Active Diffusor™, Active Wing™, Active Light™ and Active Interior

    Naturally, other colour schemes and custom paint jobs are also available.

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