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The TE™ is another Electric Multi-Purpose Vehicle (E-MPV™) and Van (E-Van™).


Volkswagen T5 TE Mild Cleaned


  • Design exterior: Volkswagen with modifications by Style of Speed
  • Design interior: Volkswagen and Style of Speed
  • Drivetrain: Purely Electric™ or Looped Fuel Cell™ Electric with En- ergy Regeneration System and Quickcharger™ technology with opt- ional irail™ wireless charging system plus optional hybrid extension
  • Hybrid Extension: Volkswagen TSI® engine with turbocharger, Roots-Compressor and Stroetmann-Compressor 40 kW/53.6 bhp/ 54.4 PS, or HyperTurbine™ based micro quasiturbine
  • Power: Starting at 92 kW/123.3 bhp/125 PS in non-stop oper- ation mode
  • Pure Electric™ Driving Range: 256 km/159 mi with 92 kW motors
  • Looped Fuel Cell™ Driving Range: 1536 km/954 mi with 92 kW motors
  • Hybrid Driving Range: 966 km/600 mi with 92 kW electric motors + 2800 km/1740 mi by power generating combustion engine 40 kW with 100 l tank = 3766 km/2340 mi
  • Weight: 1800 kg to more depending on chosen power pack and purpose
  • Wheelbase: Not specified
  • Track front: Not specified
  • Track rear: Not specified
  • Length: Not specified
  • Width: Not specified
  • Seats: 2 up to 9
  • Active component™: OntoLinux™, Active Motor™, and Active Differential
  • Active component™ options: Active Fuel Cell™, Active Suspens- ion, Active Trac™, Active Wing™, and Active Light
  • Supplement: T@blet™, P@d™ and Sm@rtphone Mounting
  • Supplement options: Roof and/or bonnet with integrated Active Solar Panels™, Interior Robot, and Flying Robot

    The Van™

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