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The rumors were right, but the named year and responsible persons were wrong: The revival of the 962 ST by Style of Speed is coming closer. By updating the remarkable Le Mans winner Porsche 962 by Dauer with contemporary hightechnology and design the legendary street rocket comes back again.
Like the 333 ST and the M!, the SOS 962 ST represents the class of the ultimative leading super sports cars, the HP-crowns of the breed of hypercars. With a weight of 1110 kg, 2000 PS/1471 kW, Vmax > 464 km/h/288 MPH, CSmax™ (Capable Speed max) > 606 km/h/376 MPH, Intelligent 4WD™, and even more SpeedGimmicks™ in the top version, it blows away every other car, that was engineered with standard Finite Element Analysis (FEM) and Computational Fluid Dy- namics (CFD) software algorithms.


Porsche 962 (Image by Dave Hamster)Porsche 962 Dauer
Porsche 962 Dauer
Porsche 962C (Image by exfordy)
Fiat→Ferrari ATR Enzo ChassisPorsche Typ 64 Rome-Berlin Car ∧ 962 ∧ Fiat→Ferrari Enzo → SOS 333 ST and SOS 962 ST → Volkswagen XL1
Porsche Typ 64 Rome-Berlin Car ∧ 962 ∧ Fiat→Ferrari Enzo → SOS 333 ST ∧ SOS 962 ST → Volkswagen XL1 → Style of Speed WL1 Wide and Low BodyPorsche Typ 64 Rome-Berlin Car ∧ 962 ∧ Fiat→Ferrari Enzo → SOS 333 ST ∧ SOS 962 ST → Volkswagen XL1 → Style of Speed WL1 Wide and Low Body


  • Design exterior: Foundational design by Porsche, Dauer, Ferrari, Style of Speed, as well as Volkswagen
  • Design interior: Style of Speed and Volkswagen
  • Drivetrain: Optionally liquid cooled and superconductive Pure Elec- tric™ with Quickcharger™ technology and optional irail™ wireless charging system, or bioethanol and biogas, as well as synthetic and classic fuels powered classic combustion engine, both with Brake Energy Recovery System
  • Power: Starting at 500 PS to 2000 PS
  • Weight: 880 kg over 1010 kg to 1110 kg for the flat-out classic combustion version
  • Wheelbase: 2700 mm
  • Track front: 1640 mm
  • Track rear: 1620 mm
  • Length: 4600 mm
  • Width: 2000 mm
  • Wheels front: 10.5J x 18 285/35 ZR 18
  • Wheels rear: 13J x 18 345/35 ZR 18
  • Seats: 1 or 1\1™
  • Active component™ (Electric version): OntoLinux™, Active Motor™ and Active Differential
  • Active component™ options: Active Suspension, Active Trac™, Active Diffusor™, Active Wing™ and Active Light
  • Energy recovery options: Stroetmann-Compressor™ and Regen- erative Catalysator
  • Performance component: Push rod Suspension and Bucket Seats
  • Performance options: Turbocharger, Supercharger, Compound Forced Induction Architectures™ and Anti-Lag System, Steering Wheels, as well as Pure Carbon™ Rims
  • Supplement options: Active Seat™ (self-forming), e-dashboard™, Laser Image Display 2.0, LaserGlass™, e-door™, electronic Lamin- ated (Safety) Glass™ (eLSG™/eVSG™), Space@Car™, Sm@rtphone, T@blet™, P@d™, and Retin@™ Holder, as well as Wireless Resonant Energy/ Power Link (WREL/WRPL@Car™) and Beamed Energy Link (BEL@Car™)
  • Acceleration 0 to 60 MPH (730 PS): 2.6- seconds (street legal, factory data of November 1998 with manual 5-speed transmission)
  • Acceleration 0 to 60 MPH: 2.3 to 2.5 seconds (street legal, depends on weight, conservative estimation that will be officially clocked)
  • Vmax (730 PS): 404.6 km/h/251.4 MPH (street legal and officially clocked in November 1998 with manual 5-speed transmission)
  • Vmax (1250 PS): 444+ km/h/276+ MPH (street legal, estimation is based on real data of other cars and will be officially clocked)
  • Vmax (2000 PS): 464+ km/h/288+ MPH (street legal, conserva- tive estimation that will be officially clocked)

    Exterior Versions
    The 962 ST is also available with all or only parts of the 9! design.

    Addition Informations
    The WL1 was copied by the manufacturer Volkswagen together with our other original concept of using high-revving motorcycle engines of the marque Volkswagen→Audi→Ducati as the concept car XL Sport in the year 2014.

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